Waiting by the door

This morning, as I would putting Quinn to sleep for a nap, I was reminded about how God is so much like a parent to us. I have always known He was our Father and one of his many names/ attributes is Abba, but I could only see how He was our Father from a child’s perspective.


But as I sat there this morning, listening to my baby cry, I sat waiting beside the door and listened. It broke my heart to hear her crying, I hated it – yet I just sat there waiting by the door, not going in to save her. I knew that my little girl needed to sleep, she needed to rest. I had not left her all alone, I was right there outside the door, just waiting for her to calm down and rest. I was there to make sure she was safe and did not need anything.

I am sure every mom and dad has had this experience – sitting outside your babies door just listening and wanting so bad to go in and hold them, but knowing that more than anything, your baby needed rest more than being held by you.

So I am sure you know where this is going, but God does the same thing with us! I feel like in the hard times of life, I cry out for God. I want Him to come and save me. I want Him to just hold me, I want something that He knows is not best for me. Just like Quinn, who really thinks she doesn’t need a nap, I want things that God knows is not the best for me, yet I cry and cry out to Him not understanding that He is right there waiting for me to be calm and rest in his plan. He knows what is best.

And now this is something I don’t know for sure, but I can imagine that it hurts God to hear us cry out. I know that every time I hear Quinn cry my heart breaks. I literally ask Aaron multiple times, “Do you think she is ok?”. I set myself a timer so I check on her after 10 minutes, I hate hate hate hearing her cry. And I think God feels the same way, I am sure he pleads with us – “Please little one, just stop crying, I know what is best.” He doesn’t change the situation for us to stop crying, but he does wait for us to calm down and trust Him.


And just like Quinn, if we would (really I mean I would – preaching to the choir over here hahaha) just relax and realized that we need whatever God is putting us through, we would “wake up” happier and more refreshed. Quinn needs her naps, she needs rest and sleep, yet she fights it every single time.

Were just the same way, or at least I am. I fight the things that God puts in my path that will make me stronger and better. I want things to go my way and I just want to keep going with my life, but God puts situations in our lives that we just have to rest in Him.

So the next time you are crying out to God, remember that He is right outside the door just waiting. He has not left you, and he is watching you. He is right there if you need Him, but He is waiting for you to relax and trust Him. He knows what he is doing.

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  1. How insightful and how true! It is amazing how much we learn about God when we become parents!

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