So to start off this blog again I thought it would be a great idea to talk about some of my current favorite things, such as great articles, things for Quinn and just some of the little things that are making me smile lately.

First off is this AMAZING smoothie mix that I found for Quinn. She absolutely loves it and it is such a great way for her to get great vitamins and minerals. Because well… she really doesn’t eat that much so I am calling this a mom must have. 🙂 I just put in one scoop of the superfood mix and a 1/2 of a frozen banana and a little bit of milk… and out comes the perfect shake.

My next favorite from this past week has to be Quantico. Aaron and I fell in love with this show last summer and Netflix just came out with the second season – and wow. So so great. This is truly a must watch TV show. Have y’all seen this??

Along with watching TV, Aaron and I have started doing this really awesome after dinner activity – basically we both look up interesting articles/ fun facts and talk about them. It sounds so simple but we have already learned so much and it is just fun to be able to talk about different things that interest us. We have learned facts about diamonds raining down on Saturn and Jupiter to a crazy tick that makes you allergic to meat. I mean this is real stuff that we would have never know about… plus it changes up the topic of conversation from just “how was your day?”We look up articles from everywhere but one of my favorite places to find articles is mindbodygreen.com 🙂

Another favorite that I love is the Coffee + Crumbs Podcast. So I do not know if you know this about me, but I am in love with listening to podcast. It is so much fun to listen to on a drive, on a walk, while cooking dinner – really anytime is a great time to listen to a podcast. But i just found this one a couple of weeks ago and have been loving going back and listening to some of their older episodes. It is a great podcast for all moms who just need a little bit of encouragement and a little bit of a laugh.

The last favorite of the week so far is my quest to find ways to increase my energy – for some reason I have been so tired so this past week, I went on a mission to find different ways to increase my energy and as simple as they have been – they have really been working. First off, I have been having my delicious and addicting morning cold brew coffee. (And if you have not tried this please go try it because it is the absolute perfect way to start your day. Pour yourself a cup and add some almond milk and stevia and you have yourself the absolute perfect morning treat.)

And then after an amazing cup of coffee, I have been drinking tons of water. Like around 90 oz, which is crazy but I promise this has been amazing for my energy. The last change I have added to increase my energy is by adding orange essential oil to my water in the afternoon. When I am starting to feel like I am getting into a slump, I drink a small glass of water with 2 drops or orange essential oil and it gives me just the right kick to make it through the afternoon.

So there you have it – my Friday Favorites 🙂

Ok I lied – I thought of one more favorite – and that is this blog! This new adventure. I am so excited to share my life and thoughts with you. I want this blog to be a place for me to share what I love and a way to connect and help all the other moms and women.

So cheers to new adventures and to it being the weekend!


What is your Friday fave?

Any fun weekend plans??

What is one thing you really want to see on this blog?

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